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2008. 8. 9. 12:41
I don't remember the exact time when I began to advise my friends to play a bad guy. I used to say to them girls often regard undeserved kindness as weakness and uncivilized rudeness as manliness. To tell the truth, however, I've just told them euphemistically they look so lacking in confidence and boldness and they are too awkward to camouflage it.

Biologically speaking, it's no wonder males pretend to be strong and responsible in a exaggerated way to convince females. But the problem is that it is not love but only behavior by instinct of preservation of the species. Love is to sympathize with another person, to understand all he or she has unconditionally and to support as much as you share. On the contrary, winning just a spouse is based on conditional and selfish instinct and is up to how to handle it.

Soberly speaking, there are very few loves in reality because some are blinded by earthly pleasures and others believe what they want to believe even without knowing what love is. But it doesn't matter only if you are satisfied on your way and are relieved of pain of life, whether true love exists or not. The meaning of your life is not empty or vain at all. It can lie in earning money, power and reputation, or enjoying various kinds of pleasures, or preserving your blood, or believing delusions such as religions and sacrificing yourself for them, or seeking for true love, even if you are misled or deluded.

This is why I used to advise them when I drank with them. I believe that none of us truly wants to face the truth except when we get venomed enough to accept hopelessness.

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