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2008. 8. 15. 00:24
Gap and Eul are usually used as the names for legal parties in Korea. They are orignated from 10 Celestial Stems which had been used for dates with the 12 Earthly Branches in the sexagenary cycle. From time to time it seems that they are similar to John Doe or Richard Roe in the US. But they, to be more precise, are the names in mostly legal documents or contracts where English speakers would use A, B, C, etc.

I already knew that these letters were widely used to denote the bigger and the smaller contractor in a legal contract in Korea nowadays. But I've recently come to know that many people use them in a boasting way just as they are showing off their ability to use legal jargons(?), even though they are not jargons.

Gap and Eul often insinuate corrupt relations between the privileged and the disadvantaged on legal contracts. For example, a friend who's been working in public sector was thinking of himself as Gap and was regarding it as a matter of course to be wined and dined by businessmen who were so-called Euls. Another friend who had been Eul and who had criticized Gap's impudence and corrupt custom or system got accustomed to the status of Gap very quickly right after he became Gap.

I'm not sure if this explains well. But one of the reasons why Koreans like to show off so much and why they are so indifferent to social justice is because almost every Korean thinks there is no fair rule or no one observes it in Korea. Am I wrong?

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