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2008. 8. 21. 01:50
How do excessive competitions affect personalities? I've been convinced that such brutal environments as heavily competitive pressures for survival make people stronger and smarter. But it is also certain that too long and much pressures or burdens can do people harm like neurosis or obsession.

When it comes to Koreans, they are surrounded with 4 major powers and are divided into two nations as a race and they are afflicted with too stuffed competitions from cradle to grave as a person. Although they've been invaded by foreign powers thousands times historically and it has lead them precatiously hostile to outer world, they've never marched out for themselves. They've just waged warfares based in Korean Penninsula each other sometimes. There's no doubt that they've been as peaceful as any other country in the world.

Anyhow, heavy competition is inevitable for them so as to get through the harsh circumstances. But the problem is that too much competition often causes unreasonable worries and fears or unbecoming timidness and short-sightedness. Besides they are spiritually devoid and they have no escape. Can you feel they are talking to themselves thirsty and hungry? They've brought Jesus, Buddha, Mammon, and so on to fill their emptiness but failed. Even some have tried to make political beliefs such as capitalism and communism divine and irresistible but failed again. They've been working a lot of miracles, which says they are so capable but they are badly lacking in self-confidence and self-identity, which explains why they are so unstable.

Then now, what is the answer?