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2009. 1. 31. 21:59
Once in a while, I'm reminded of a Korean-American guy whom I met through online messenger a few years ago. He is associated with Minerva, the doom prophet who pretended to be a well-experienced economic specialist and who was ridiculously arrested on account of his gloomy prospect. He claimed that he was working for a stock company in NYC as a computer programmer. Although there's nothing to prove it, it was also hard to deny what he said because he spoke English fluently and he seemed to be well-skilled in computer things. 
His favorite nickname was Bang-Wool, a Korean word which means a bell or a drop(of water, milk etc) and he said it's from Pit-Bang-Wool(meaning a drop of blood, not a bell of hell). He didn't have a good reputation and he was often called as a bitch because he had been notorious for his cheating or hacking on chat. Furthermore he was allegedly suspected of cracking some chatters' emails or computers. At that time partly did I believe what he told us but now I still doubt if he was lying only to get our attention. His cheating or cracking is definitely wrong and harmful itself but it didn't cause any real harm until then.

He was a bit of conundrum for me and I was trying to get closer to the truth about him. But 9.11 broke out all of a sudden that sponged up everyone's interest. NYers began to leave the chat since then and I couldn't see him any more.

I think the one thing is clear about online imagery and the separation like Jekyll-and-Hyde, harmless or not. No matter how his hidden desire is embodied, he longs for feeling wanted by people around him or by the world. And we should pay attention to our social systems in order not to fail to give the chance and not to get them frustrated by them without regard to individuals' bad luck.

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